Sunday, December 15, 2013

TBOX- Love Hurts - 2013

It's that most wonderful time of year, TBOX! I'm sure it's great fun for the participants and the charities that some of the money goes toward is very nice, but for the residents and "normal" people of Clark Street it's a nightmare. Imagine 24,000 people (that was was estimated to be in attendance today) going to the bars contained on three/four blocks. Their sole purpose: to drink. And the drinking begins at EIGHT IN THE MORNING. There's screaming, vomiting, falling, fighting and then it happens again in 12 months. Here are some pics (click to enlarge) from this year's revelries:

This staggering "Tigger" kept weaving in and out of traffic as he attempted to hail a cab.

This gal kept hail non-existence cabs. When this car stopped at the red light she kept trying to get in to no avail. Eventually, she began to shout, "You have to unlock the door! Let me in!"

CPD embiggened the sidewalks with clever use of metal barricades. This was on both sides of the Clark street, from Sheffield to Addison!

DIMO's Pizza was a madhouse! Aaaaaa Maaadhousssse!!

Backpack friend comforts vomiting elf.

Go home, S&P Snowman. You're drunk. Also, that's a guy in a gorilla suit and a Christmas vest yelling into his phone.

The "best" vomit I saw. The other vomits were mingled into the snow and slush. 

The party began around 8am. Things started to calm down around 7pm. 

Hope you had fun, Susie! See you next year!

Friday, December 13, 2013


These are NOT Bonsai trees! They're just tiny pine tree twigs! 

Italian propaganda. 

From the archives. 

A Christmas message.