Thursday, February 21, 2008

Construction on Clark. Bear Left. Frog Right.

Pile of warnings.

The smoking ban has increased street garbage directly outside every. single. bar. Of course, it's probably illegal to compel tavern owners to provide ashtrays/garbagecans outside their establishment (and unfair), but... it would be smarter for the place.

Gross. Black lungs and black ice.

More blackice. This mound will probably be here for a month.

Coming soon! More pizza! I hear it's incredible.

15 degree weather can't put a chill on ridiculous bar fights. This four squadcar problem was to break up/settle a shouting/pushing match between two sets of gals.

I got this with my change at Clarke's. On President's Day. It's a President's Day Miracle!

Fooling around with the iPhone camera.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hidden backstage at the brand-new ComedySportz on Belmont.

The new personal security store on Belmont & Clark knows what buttons to press... posted on the window? A list of police complaints from the past two weeks.

But more to the point...

Closed for February.. but which Clark Street business is it?

Aw, reggae-less February.
I was once told, as I passed by a group of lady birthday celebrators, that I "had it going on."

Modern art in the Punkin Donuts parking lot.

Snow News Day.