Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So, what will these kids do? The musical Goonies? Nightmare Before Christmas on-stage? ARgh. I can't imagine having to watch those shows.

If I'm ever in "Worst Possible Pain" my face is going to look a lot F%^&#ing worse than a few tears.

New sexy porn store opening up on Clark Street. Obviously, lots of DVDs, and I predict some fancy dildos. Fancy dildoes!!!

Weird metal sheet or door on Clark Street. If you look hard you can see that someone has written the word "China" on it. If this was a kids book, you'd be able to open the door and step through into China and we'd learn all about its culture and foods and peoples.

Man, I wish I had a record player.

At a special preview for Iron Man on Monday night. You can be the sadly easily replaced romantic counterpart to Dr. McDreamy.

The Iron Man nerds wait patiently in line.

Suddenly, about 200 people came rushing up the stairs. Some of them were dressed as the Joker.

They had all solved some riddles on-line and figured out there would be a special showing of the new trailer for The Dark Knight at that theater.
But, according to the person running the Iron Man preview, "They weren't cool enough to see a full feature."

Someone REALLY enjoys Cubs games.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Please Start Getting Excited!

Go Cubs! A post-Mets celebration.

Oddly enough, that URL takes you to the Red Bull flutag contest site.

Oh hilarious SNL video. You might notice the official SNL logo on the Dick in a Box. That makes this Dick in the Box an official Dick in the Box.

Someone left a Training Manual on Clark Street. I guess training isn't going so well.

Juggling for Cubs fans!

Trickledown skankonomics.

The game on Monday, April 21st. Cubs vs. Mets. THREE hours before gametime and traffic is backed up from Addison all the way down Clark Street to School.

Some people really like baseball.

Salt n Pepper consolation desserts.

3am fire on Buckingham.

Victims and neighbors watch the fire brigade.

No hydrants near the incident. This one led down the half the block.

It was the coachhouse. The gals in the blankets were roused from sleep and late night doings. One was fully dressed and had a full backpack. Another was wrapped in a blanket and had some books. The last gal had her Apple Powerbook.

PLEASE start getting EXCITED!
Finally. Maybe I can get some games for my GD Colecovision.

The trees outside the Gill Park District Building. Lovely.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cesar lives on Newport and sent in these great pics of the "Public Enemies" shoot!

Thanks, C.!!

This truck is cool.

I always wondered how this store managed to stay in business. And now I feel bad. 53 years!

A delicious tribute to the Cubs newest member. Oh, and the roll is delicious.

This man does all his shopping with his pet cat. Cat on a leash. And what if someone's allergic?

Low impact Vigilante.

VHS tapes!! For Free! Free! It's the future!!

I hate when people write notes from a pet's POV . Like thank you notes or something. This was on the sidewalk and can be forgiven because it's from a vet place.

You should enter! I would totally win if it was quantity and not speed.

A not so fucking delicious tribute to the Cubs' newest member. Idiots.

Make your heart feel like there's a caged monkey in it!! Now in all the flavors of Haagen Dazs!

Radio Free You're A Peeing.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ah. The mis-used quotation marks. I love em. I have no desire to "eat" this "sushi".

End of an era. On Belmont, Dennis' Place For Games is no more. Sigh.

Johnny Depp is in town shooting a new movie here in Chicago. It's called "Public Enemies." They're doing a bunch of shooting on Clark Street and Newport. Of course, perfect timing with the start of Cubs season. So, Cubs traffic from 11am to 6pm and then trucks and gawking from 10pm to 7am. And Newport is closed off completely. Above, check out an old-timey ad.

This pic, which I thought was for Cubs Opening, is a blocking off for the movie shoot.

10:30pm, Wednesday. Spectators show up to watch the shooting. Traffic snarls.

During the day, a fake brick street is laid down on the asphalt. Check out that lighting balloon. It floats and illuminates.

Trucks on Clark unload lighting equipment.

In the movie, there's a giant ladder fight like Jackie Chan. These are the stunt ladders.