Monday, December 29, 2008

A sad sign of the times; even America's Porn Shoppes feel the crunch. (2 for 1 sex toys. Heh.)

Ring in the New Year with A Tranny and a Slice of Pizza!

Aw, beautiful snowfall on a serene Clark Street...

... oh no! Stupid city living.

Random brownie left on hotel door-handle.

Photo from my stay at the Overlook Hotel.

People who like this sign too much get 10 to 20.

Apparently, "Black Coffee" wants a free child safe kit.

I hate the Sun-Times.

Fancy new, eventually-will-gain-sentience-and-rise-up-and-destroy-all-humans, parking meters are on Clark now.

Happy New Year.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Actual quote: "Anyone have a cigarette for a gay guy?"

Line to get into Ian's Pizza.

Sexy Cop talking to Actual Cops.

I pray this is a Halloween garbage can and not, you know, regular Clark Street.

October 29th!!! Halloween candy is half gone and now it's Christmas!!

Bolat is gone.

Ah, Chicago. Where else can kids play ON a Picasso?

That's a big sign.

Super cool future handdryer. It works like crazy. 

Vote early, stay up late.

Boy, I'd love to get that apartment... if only I could. get. the. slip of paper!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I imagine someone is very upset at losing this note.

This interactive video busstop shows red arrows where Markers Mark is available.

Illinois Republicans have a party at the Red Ivy on Clark Street.

Punsters at work at Pick Me Up Cafe.

And, in the interests of equal time, Barack Obama donates a dollar at a local IHOP.

Random lawnmower abandoned on Clark and Belmont.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sorry. I was away from Clark Street for a little bit.

This is either a very poor drunk resident decision or the opening clue from the first 3 minutes of a Law & Order episode.

All the way down in the 4000s, on Clark.. a business card for the KOI restaurant in the Planet Hollywood Casino in  Las Vegas.

The motorcycles are finally gone and replaced with a lovely flower bed! Let's all thank the new owners...

The, uh, ZOO! Yay!

Pizza-Ria gives new meaning to sidewalk cafe on the weekends.

Optimistic, but cautious preparations for the Cubs playoffs.

8am. Free Dominos sign!

A stern warning from the Doctors Office.

A few weeks ago, all the streetlights were out on most of Clarks. Just like I like my women... pretty and dangerous.

Worst. Sequel. Ever.

Cautious and optimistic.

Seven pairs of glasses on the dashboard. I waited to see if a giant spider was driving this SUV.

Brave, intelligent people line up to enjoy John Barleycorns just before the playoffs.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Last ditch effort to save keys. Poor schmuck blocked off the area. 

Hey, Vampires are popular. Hey, Harry Potter goes to a Magic School. Let's combine the two!! Vampire school!!

Actual soup cooling on the shelf! Yay! I stood staring at the steam wafting from the bowl for a good 7 minutes.

From a few weeks ago, the height of human achievement and the depths of human depravity. All on Clark Street.

Yeah, I don't think it worked.

Danger lurks amongst these lovely blooms; Denver Boots!

Ah, post-reality show fame. 

Worst. Title. Ever. 
Hey, what's next to it?

Turf billboards.

Two great tastes that taste great together!!! Harlequin Romance & NASCAR!!