Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cubs Win! Cubs Win!
The Cubs win the NL Central for the first time since 2003 and all heck broke loose on Clark Street on Friday.

"We want everyone to celebrate but in a safe and orderly fashion." Lots of cops.

Forget about traveling near Clark & Addison.

"Brains.... braaaainnnns...."

Zombies are slow, GD it! Not that BS fast, virus things. Those aren't zombies.

So, basically, to celebrate, everyone stood in the street and shouted at each other.

"The people of Chicago are protected by two separate but equally important groups, those that watch the crowd and those who text their friends. These are their stories. Dund- dung!"

"Trixies, StripedShirts, Barleycorns, Oh My!"

Clark Street closed to street traffic from Sheffield to Waveland. The girls on the right are asking someone to take to a picture of them.

Eventually, around 11:15pm, the police start clearing the street. First, the trucks with sirens and lights go down Clark with a voice asking people to move to the sidewalks. Then mounted units (5 abreast) canter down Clark (I love that after 3 centuries Man is still using horses for crowd control. Eventually, I will invent the long-bow.) Then the Blue Line forms on both sides of the street and yells at people to move to the sidewalk.

Brody's (nee Twisted Spoke) celebrates in true Clark Street fashion.

What says sports celebration better than not-so subtle misogyny?

The big lights are street lights. The tiny lights are news copters. You could hear them hovering. With the roar of the crowd, the mass of people and the copters it was all surreal.

Kids, if the Cubs go further it will be insane!

You may have noticed a small difference in the photos. I have an iPhone and I'm using it for pictures now. I think I prefer the original camera. Remember, I would love for you to send me a pic! Send some Clark Street memories in!

Love, Kent.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Season's End

Well, unless the Cubbies pull off another miracle, this looks like the end of another glorious season at the Friendly Confines and beyond.

The cardboard parking sign is gone and a fancy new store-bought sign is up.

Workers take a much needed rest.

Like some delicious frosted cookie, Black & White limos come to take the kids home for the winter.

Annnnd, of course, we must bid adieu to another season as we greet it... with a healthy dose of street vomit.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Punks and the Pimps have finally settled their long dispute and now do the make-em-ups as a team. Only $5.

ER is coming and will be shooting on Clark Street. Maybe a Cubs storyline?

Someone bought new shoes and left the oldies in this box. Poor abandoned shoezies.

Thea Hearts Noyes. Awww.

What better way to celebrate a Cubs win than with some delicious "open-air" champagne? Yes, Street Champagne!

That is one romantic brick.

Viral marketing is very popular.

Speaking of which, the Kleenex people were recording "real people" stories for a new ad campaign during a game.

Participants were allowed to sign the giant Kleenex box.

Don't stand in this public area if you don't want to be on TV and the internets.

Party! Party in the Paint Store!

Best cab ad ever. It's for the Economist.

I took this pic for with my usual snarkiness, but *sigh* it's sad, really. Human trafficking vs. .....

Post-game human traffic.

Livestock waiting for the cattle car to take them back to their pens.

The band-aid on the Clark n Roscoe pothole has slipped, rendering it half effective.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Signs, Signs, Everywhere there's Signs...

Merkle's ups the ante!

Odd combo of Hershey Kisses and Tortilla Chips in the middle of the street.

45 minutes later, someone has taken the Kisses!!!! Street Kisses!

The old carwash is now a parking lot with a fancy cardboard sign. The only reason I point this out is because DIRECTLY across the street is...

Chihuahua puppies. Great with guac.


... and the Circle of Life continues. (can you hear that opening "Aaaah Becane Yooooo...." from the song?) Also, I hope I hope I hope that the fashions will either be MADE from Yeti fur or designed by actual Yetis.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Legend of the Sink Hole

On Labor Day, the sink hole has swallowed up it's warning beacons.

Wednesday, a CityWorks truck dumps a giant metal panel on top of the hole.

The warning signs gets ignominiously tossed in the garbage (for another City department to take care of, I imagine.)

And, I guess, that's the fix for the sinkhole!

Lost hubcap.
And now, the grossest thing so far on Clark Street.....

Giant clump of human hair.