Tuesday, August 24, 2010

False Advertising

Yet another bong shop. The IL Governor has banned "K2" (a marijuana substitute) and then an ABC news crew came by to ask the store about it. The store owners yelled at them and ripped down their signs. 30 minutes later, the same signs went back up.

Boy, these Jamba Juice sandwich wraps look great and big! What a bargain! Wait... under neath the sticker is a tub of sauce... the sandwich isn't' that big... what a rip-off!


I'm to buy these and put them up in the "I Hate Clark Street" offices.

I was racked with indecision... the Redoubtable Zeppelin or the Dreaded Zeppelin?

Monday, August 16, 2010

the Irish Sell Out

If that was true you would have been arrested for defacing a streetlamp.

"Extreme Groping Grapping at Spring Break" Finally, truth in advertising.

Sadly, the Irish Oak has given in and lost the "pub feel." Giant TVs festoon the walls and now there are the Clark Street requisite servers with too much makeup and too little clothing.

If you look closely this trash (dumped out of a car apparently) is a masterpiece of racial stereotyping.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beer Salad and Truth in Sigs.

If you open the e-mail program on the iPad at the Clark & Diversery Best Buy,
this is the signature.

Using the giant "I" on his varsity sweater, Letterman changes the "flatbread" to a "flatbird."

A local delicacy, the delicious beer salad. To go.

You probably can't see because of the godawful neon, but that's a newly renovated "tobacco and smoking accessories" store and directly across the street in the public trash is a empty case of Parliament cigarettes and the requisite Ed Hardy incense holder.