Sunday, April 29, 2007

April 28th - Part Deux

Weird bike with freaky dolls on it.

Poor defenseless Hoy box.

Ha! Perfect symbolism of Clark Street: a parking ticket and a club flier.

You SOBs! Have some respect for federal property!

One of the most baffling Clark Street phenomena: people are in line to get into Barleycorn at 1:45am. The bars close at 2am. They're standing in line to get kicked out. I don't get it.

April 28th

Scores wants you to come and see some classy ladies, most of whom are working there just to pay tuition.

Weird, "calm before the storm".

Loading up with delicious beer. A lot of it.

Hooray for garbage!

This person would like to have a friend who likes science. No fatties.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

April 21, More After Dark

Sometimes those withdrawal fees get me sooo mad!

A group of friends literally drag their drunk pal out of Salt n Pepper and into a cab. Hopefully to rehab.

Thinking it's a COPS casting call, two men arrested on Clark street! Here we go, Cubbies!

Ah, delicious street wine.

Cops on the corner of Clark and Addison. Just in case.

Clark after Dark

Later, after the game... Clark After Dark

There's a window shade in there for some reason.

There's a line to get into Barleycorn and whatever that club next to it is named ("Club Daterape"?)

There's a giant line to get into Cubby Bear as well!

Fighting the hand that feeds you.

A line to get into Mullens!

April 21, more stuff

It's $20 to park your ass.

April 21, 2007

This biker gang is ready for the game!

Swarming fans head towards Wrigley, completely blocking all traffic at the intersection of Clark and Addison.

Bud Light truck plays loud rap music videos in front of various bars.

It's $20 to park your car.

The cops are getting ready for post-game fun!