Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In my dreams, someone's broken foot was instantly healed and they burst out of this brace with a sudden burst of human power.

iFound your iPod. Please call my iPhone.

I'd like this on the back of a t-shirt. Right = No, Left = Yes.

Fight the Power! (with, uh, stickers on vending machines!)

Clark Street has a boo-boo.

Leaving a convertible open on Clark Street may seem like folly, but dozens of people took their pictures with it. That makes no sense to me.

"I didn't see or smell anything." So apparently you were no where near...


Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction are being kept on Clark.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On a nice weekend the garbage really piles up. There are THREE styro-coolers in this garbage can.

Lost tank top.

Some ledge graffitti. What the Heck does D30 mean?

Human bloodstain. The new book by Phillip Roth.

Lame Star Wars Joke Here.

Abandoned mandals.


A few pieces of garbage get between the heavy metal container and the light plastic can. No one wants to either lift the heavy metal thing or reach into it to pick out the filthy garbage. So eventually the can gets higher and higher. A rising trash lifts all boats.

Either a love note or a command.

This "Monster" truck was handing out free Monster energy drinks. Mmmmm... delicious taurine.

Now what does this graffitti mean? Maybe it's a warning that up ahead...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hey, the Police were at Wrigley Field! Or as the Sun-Times put it: "the Police and Sting."

There was lots of air coverage.

No, not the dog. Check out the tripling of parking fees! $30! Cubs games= $20! Usual weekends = only $10.

The CPD always vigilant 'gainst the forces of middle-aged "rockers."

Lots of limos for the Police concert. Now, THAT's rock n roll.

Wrigleyville & Sluggers. Always classy.

Apparently the patio, in the middle of Clark Street, is open.

Some jawas set up shop on Addison and Clark. I bought a protocol droid and some power converters.

the sign reads, "When it comes to all of my eggs they are safe and secure using" Not a harvesting storefront, but just a poorly phrased ad.

People like beer and lots of it.

Must have been a great party.
Uni-broue. Heh.

You can't read it sadly, but these are business cards for a human egg harvesting business.

Clark Street mobile home.

And, wrapping things up...
Who was the best character on Growing Pains, where did Hawkeye & Klinger work, and on her? I barely know her!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Summer / It turns me upside down / Summer Summer Summer

Ah, summertime on Clark Street. Old fashioned deliciousness courtesy of the Good Humor man.

Mystery Pants! (in the comics, this means that a superhero is running around somewhere. On Clark Street, I think it means something else.)

A sandal perches atop the Goose Island awning.

"Why are they advertising Hockey on BET?" - so apparently bad stand-ups have taken to graffiti stickering (extra points: using free post office stickers. You cheap hack.)

A nigh full cup of Einstein Bros. orange juice sits on top of a Hoy box. This picture was taken around midnight. Einstein Bros. has been closed for almost seven hours.

A traffic cone on top of a parking meter.

Who makes money on Clark Street besides the booze merchants? Advance Glass & Board Up, of course.

And, uh, AIDS medications.