Monday, October 29, 2007

Nightmare on Clark Street

For the past few years, Halloween has fallen during the week, but that never stops our intrepid band of Clark Streeters. Friday and Saturday were Halloween (observed) on Clark Street.

The above is a storyboard from "The Birds". There's a terrific Hitchcock exhibit at the Block Museum. Straight down Clark Street, on the Northwestern Campus.

There were many "Dick in A Box" costumes. Stupid video, stupider costume.

Abandoned sweatband and kneepad. From a costume, I hope... and not a "working girl."

Actually, worse than the "Dick in a Box" costume.

At Philly's Best for their free wifi. The second from the top is "NoFatChicks". The bottom available wifi signal is "PoopFart." Stay Classy, Wrigleyville!

Another abandoned Dick in a Box.

Costumed partyers traverse Clark.

I wanted to take lots of photos, but I didn't want to be the creepy photographer on Clark. But I did take notes...

There were all kinds of sexy costumes on Clark. There was Sexy Strawberry Shortcake, Sexy Rainbow Brite, Sexy Christmas Elf, Sexy Cop, Sexy Cavewoman, Sexy Girlscouts, Sexy Little Bo Peep, about a dozen unrelated Sexy Referees... and my personal favorite, Sexy Chef.

Most disturbing? Sexy Ghostbuster. (I guess Venkman was right about the franchise rights.)

Happy Halloween, Clark Street.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Worst. Birthday Cake. Ever.

Over the weekend, the streetlamps on Clark (from Roscoe to Irving Park) didn't go on.

It was an eerie sight. Without the car lights the neighborhood would almost completely dark.

I found this card. What the Heck does it mean?! It's Greek to me!

Do Parking Enforcement Agents care about these notes? Even the hilarious ones?

Oh! Thanks!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Not So Much.

Days before the Big Game, fog settles onto Clark Street...

Borders on Clark & Diversey gets ready for the game...

Hours before the Game. 1pm- Day of the Game. An oddly calm and empty Clark Street.

What says "champion" better than balloons attached to a flag?

Areas are being divided into Zones. Part of a new on-line/phone payment system for parking meters.

Busy weekend. Clark Street: a Marathon Runs Through It.

The world's safest and most secure newspaper-box.

Lunch of Champions

The Chicago Parking Department is very optimistic.

Firehoses. For all sorts of emergencies, structural and unruly mobs.

Free ESPN "W" signs!

Fans arrive by the busload.

Bad News: The Cubs lose... but I did save a bundle on my car insurance!

Someone once told me that one never plans to be a bartender, you just end up as one. I think the principle holds for dive bars.

So much garbage that it knocked the picture on its side.

uh. This one too. Also. Thanks Q101 for helping to flood Clark Street with garbage.

*sigh.* All together now: "Next Year..."