Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What better way to celebrate a Cubs win than with some delicious "open-air" champagne? Yes, Street Champagne!

That is one romantic brick.

Viral marketing is very popular.

Speaking of which, the Kleenex people were recording "real people" stories for a new ad campaign during a game.

Participants were allowed to sign the giant Kleenex box.

Don't stand in this public area if you don't want to be on TV and the internets.

Party! Party in the Paint Store!

Best cab ad ever. It's for the Economist.

I took this pic for with my usual snarkiness, but *sigh* it's sad, really. Human trafficking vs. .....

Post-game human traffic.

Livestock waiting for the cattle car to take them back to their pens.

The band-aid on the Clark n Roscoe pothole has slipped, rendering it half effective.