Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Now available at Walgreens on Clark Street, High School Musical Cheese Dip and Cracker Sticks! Taste the Cheese!

Yep. One month later still there.

I'm just surprised "you're" wasn't used.

Sad, abandoned afro wig.

New Clark Street Game! Vomit or Soup! You Make the Call!

Lots of fun musical birthday cards. The Superman card has the Superman theme. And you can see the Baja Boys have their "Who Let The Dogs Out." and of course, kids love the "Boy Birthday - I Make Sound."

And lastly, Not on Clark Street, but on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.
A Gentlemen's Club has a video billboard featuring sexy ladies dancing in bikinis. Eventually, they take off their tops to expose their supple breasts. Now, not even in Vegas, can you have 30 feet boobies dancing in public, so their sweet pillows are hidden behind words like "WOW!" or "Hooray!" .... here's my favorite....

1 comment:

matt said...

I'm going with soup... ingredients look too solid for puke. Plus there's not enough splatter for that volume of puke.