Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sayonara, Sir Skanksalot

Ride the Public Short Bus.

This bag is for carrying tiny dead children.

Cohen Family Reunion.

I like to think that the Knights of the Round Table started the same way... posters and signs on the streets.

Hm. That's the kind of knight talent you get when you post on street corners.

This clothing store had several racks marked "Do Not Touch". Apparently it was all a grand experiment merging a museum with its' gift shop. And this was a dress museum.

The fate of all my lottery tickets.

The video billboards inside Wrigley broadcast static on off-days. It's a creepy effect.

The Nisei Lounge is closing. It was founded in the seventies by Japanese-Americans (that's what Nisei means: children of immigrants to America.) The Nisei were referred to in a negative context during WW2 and I guess this is where they could, uh, lounge. In a bitter irony, as soon as the Cubs have a Japanese player the Nisei Lounge announces it is closing. Go and have a delicious Asahi before they close.

And of course, there are still vendors still those GD shirts.


Anonymous said...

blog more often.

Cohen family reunion is classic.

Anonymous said...

The Cohen Family reunion was great !