Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kiss Me Deadly

The good folks from "Public Enemies" return to Clark Street to get some more "under the EL" footage.

A M&M truck gave out free samples of their upcoming ice cream bars right across from the Hershey's store! The mascot came out and did some bits with the truck; pushing it, shaking its fist at it like an old movie serial villain. The M&M people ignored it.

Over in Chinatown, people enjoyed visiting the local "ethnics."

The secret of the 20 Seconds store: it is only open 20 seconds each week. When is that 20 seconds? No one knows!! 

All the local Chase banks added a light projection so that the sidewalk in front all boast their logo. Unnecessary addition to our urban blight. Chase clients all know where their banks are and non-customers won't look at it and say, "Hey! I need to start a checking account!"

The Great 08 Tomato Scare gets local. Sadly, it would all turn to be for naught. It wasn't the tomatoes! Worst. TV Movie. Ever.

Check out the old timey car and some extras in costume.

These posters want us all to be better people. 


Anonymous said...

I only pray you got pictures of the aftermath of the pride parade

Kent on Clark said...

Nope. I'm a non-gay jerk.