Friday, October 3, 2008

Sorry. I was away from Clark Street for a little bit.

This is either a very poor drunk resident decision or the opening clue from the first 3 minutes of a Law & Order episode.

All the way down in the 4000s, on Clark.. a business card for the KOI restaurant in the Planet Hollywood Casino in  Las Vegas.

The motorcycles are finally gone and replaced with a lovely flower bed! Let's all thank the new owners...

The, uh, ZOO! Yay!

Pizza-Ria gives new meaning to sidewalk cafe on the weekends.

Optimistic, but cautious preparations for the Cubs playoffs.

8am. Free Dominos sign!

A stern warning from the Doctors Office.

A few weeks ago, all the streetlights were out on most of Clarks. Just like I like my women... pretty and dangerous.

Worst. Sequel. Ever.

Cautious and optimistic.

Seven pairs of glasses on the dashboard. I waited to see if a giant spider was driving this SUV.

Brave, intelligent people line up to enjoy John Barleycorns just before the playoffs.

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Thank You for the update