Monday, June 1, 2009


Open-source on Clark!

This man was determined to make it North on Clark Street. He vomited a little in five different doorways, but kept on moving northward.

From an alley, looking up at the fancy new DirectTV blimp. "Hey, you! You, enjoying the outside world! Get back inside and watch TV!!"

Cops jokingly arresting a guy. Seriously. They handcuffed him, put him on the hood of the patrol car and then let him go. His friends thought it was hilar. 
Further down on Clark, but just moments away, was another patrol car. They let a drunk man say hello to his friends via their roof-speaker. Then they put the mic up against their radio and blared "Boom Boom Pow" as they drove away.

The goths get younger and smaller each year.

Biting satire from the people at WGN.

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