Friday, December 18, 2009

Emptiness, inside and out.

The cavernous area that was once Linens & Things celebrates it's one year anniversary.

Modern Italian restaurant Socca heats the corner of Clark and School.

-- Posted from Clark St., Chicago, IL.


Anonymous said...

Fuck, dude. I *need* some shelves! Linens and Things, come baaaaack. I missss yooouuuuuu.

Larry Santoro said...

Yeah, but Socca is pretty good! The pomme frittes alone are worth having this place on the corner...and the gnocchi with rabbirt!

Larry Santoro said...

As Jason's downstairs neighbor I agree. Potterville! Cubs season. Drunk yuppies and suburban yutzes wandering the 'hood puking on our stoop, pissing in the alley then dashing home to West Bumfuck and Bumfuck Heights because they can't stand the dirt!