Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whither Wrigleyville?

The long anticipated "big-boxing" of the east side of Clark and Addison took a leap forward this week as alderman Tom Tunney joined the fray on the side of the owner of the property (it currently contains Bar Louie,iO Theater, Salt & Pepper, Goose Island and more.)

Graphic artists begin the Publicity War.

The iO theater begins to recruit from the hordes of improvisers they work with.
This was part of an impromptu photo shoot for the Sun-Times.

The reporter and photographer do some MOS stuff. (That's Man on the Street for you non-journalist types.)

But what are we really trying to save?

Vomit, after a day game. Lots of vomit.

Cops, causing a ten-car line. Why? They were flirting with two girls.

I agree with what Roadhouse 88 said!

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