Saturday, July 3, 2010

Street Eats

Around 10pm on Saturday, this SUV pulled up to the locked bathroom at the Turnaround (where CTA Buses, uh, turn-around and drivers take a little break. It's at Halsted and Belmont.) It was blaring Mexican music. A man and woman got out of the car and he unlocked the bathroom for her. For a minute they kissed in the doorway and my friend and I whispered, "Please both go in. Please both go in." They didn't. The driver went behind the little building and peed against the wall.

"I'm not even supposed to be here at the Irish Oak today!"

I love this sign. The photo is just the cut-out top of the box containing the frozen pot pie. Which, of course, anyone could buy in any store.

Random bag of popcorn.


Tony reise said...

Very Nice

Rose19970 said...

I am glad they assured you that they are open...if not the open door may have alerted you to the closed status of the place.

BarbaraK said...

Great blog! I lived in Chicago for about 10 years while going to school and lived in 10 different neighborhoods...except Wrigleyville...for exactly the reasons in your headline. Thanks for a laugh.

The Bridge said...

Since when did Chicago become synonomous with classlessness? Or is that just Clark street? Go Sports!