Sunday, March 18, 2012

Irish Harbingers

Submitted by B. Lyons. Girl vomiting in the mens room at Chens.

Line for John Barleycorn. It's 6pm.

The RedLine brings in fresh reinforcements.

Line for Douches.. I mean, Deuces.

For the first time ever, the CPD closed off Clark Street (between Sheffield & Addison) to car traffic. Many people, instead of going into the blaring, overcrowded clubs/bars simply bought beer and drank in the streets.

In respectful and loving memory of the Transcontinental Railroad, people fill the tables at Chen's Restaurant. Note the crowd out the window!

The wearer bought this at his college.

Around 11pm, CPD begins to "quarantine"the area of Clark St. No one allowed in.

Irish Pimp.

Trail of Beers.

To their credit, the Chicago Dept. of Streets and Sanitation had this taken care of by 2am.

This is from one bar (SportsCorner)

More people than there were snakes in Ireland.

T-Shirts I Saw, But Didn't Take a Pic of:
"Not Irish, I'm Black."
"Rub My Boobs for Luck."
"This Shirt Will Look Good Tomorrow Morning."
"John Deere."

Will the CPD block off Clark St. for all events now? Cubs games? Concerts?

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