Sunday, March 16, 2014

Where are the Snakes when we need them?

St. Patricks Day Record! Go Wrigleyville!

Check out the link above for the reports on the 2014 Wrigleyville record! We hit 21 arrests and 17 ambulance runs!

RedBull Mobile DJ truck blasting the tunes at 9am!

Two trolleys vomit 30 people each onto Clark Street. Most of them already have Solo cups in their hands. Again, it is 9am.

Another trolley.

Special security. Not for the street, just for Deuces. Seven men receiving their orders.

The t-shirt store next to Dimos. 

The shedding of the green.

City bus converted for private use disgorging more revelers.

Amublance #8 of the day.

There are many, many picture of vomit that I did not post. You're welcome.

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