Monday, May 14, 2007

May 14 - over the past 4 days

In a really bad movie, this would be Whoopi Goldberg's characters new car.

While looking for things to photograph I found a dollar. Look Ma! I'm making money from my blog!

Some poor bartending student lost their study aids. Or maybe they graduated and threw the cards in the air in celebration!

Abandoned almost poem.

Someone had a heart attack.

This was once a car wash, an actual business. Now, it's an empty building used solely for housing cars on the weekends and Cubs days.

Two trolleys full of college kids show up to go into the Irish Oak at 3:30pm on Friday.

A fight breaks out between rival packs of Striped Shirts. No joke, here are some quotes from said scuffle: "Back on up!" "You crazy? We deep! We got you outgunned!" "Let's go then, motherfuckers!"

Actually, THREE trolleys full of college students arrive to visit the Irish Oak. I know for sure it's to experience true gaelic cuisine and brew.


Amy Guth said...

BTW, Kenty-poo, not to pimp my junk on your blog but... I'm doing a strange little almost-improvised performance/reading thing at The Hideout on June 1st that I feel can only be a tribute to this blog. Really. That's all I can say. Come say hey. It'll be up your alley. ;)

Kent on Clark said...

You can pimp your junk anytime.

Sarah said...

I hope these fine fellows decided to cool off by seeing hilarious improv comedy at i.O.

Or else they went to Mullen's to do shots in celebration of their brawl.

PS-Saturday a drunk guy on Clark approached me and said "I want to guzzle big cock." I don't know why he was telling me, I couldn't help him.

Anonymous said...

Please don't steal my bike as my note said I have had two stolen so far...c'mon.