Friday, May 11, 2007


I've been eavesdropping and then writing down (in my trusty phone) random conversations and quotes for a while now. Here are some of the "high" lights:

Excited Girl #1: Welcome to Chicago! Do you love it?
Not So Excited Girl: I love it! I've been here for a year.

Random Guy to His Buddies: I don't even rub it anymore, I just slap it.

Bar Hawker: Hey, guys! Cmon in! 3dollar Buds and our waitresses are hot!
Guy in a Pack of Guys: What about the girls?
Bar Hawker (after looking over his shoulder into the bar): There's some tail in there!

"Insert mindless yuppie here" - chalk with arrow pointing to Subway door.

Drunken, Yelly Guy on His Phone: Are you at HiTops?! Are you at HiTops?! I AM hitops!!!!

In the Salt + Pepper Diner:
Young Girl: ...but you've been buying dinner all week.
Young Man: I know, I like you.
Young Girl: (whisper) I know...

Friend (walking behind a couple): You're soooo sweet... holding hands!
Guy: I'm holding her up.

Be careful, Clark Streeters... that guy behind you may not be text-messaging and walking. They might be transcribing.


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha... I wonder what is creepy, people behaving like retards on clark after a cubs game or some guy pretending to be on the phone eavesdropping?

Anonymous said...

Love this blog!!!