Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June 5, 2007 - some pic and some overhears

The ironically named business "GoGo Travelling Billboards" usually hawks strip clubs. My particular favorite is the "Fantasy theme" with a "nurse" and a "schoolgirl". Wandering pandering.

Someone in line for Moe's collapsed and needed medical attention. The excitement got to them, I guess.

Punk Gal (proudly): We're going into which ever club has the most Cubs signs!

Trixie Gal on Her Razr: So did you watch the spinal tap? (I don't know if she meant the medical procedure or film.)

That cab driver was fucking amazing! He talked about my boobs for five minutes! - Girl With Nice Boobs

Man with a Strong Lisp: That's what I want to see... another movie about goddamn penguins! What is that? Like six in two years?!

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