Monday, June 11, 2007

June 12, 2007- Several Days Worth

This past weekend was the "Naked Ride." Instead of me explaining...

I was prepared to snap some shots, but decided I didn't want to be "That Guy." (to be honest, that revelation came to me only after seeing several gentleman, who perhaps in colder climes, would be wearing trenchcoats as well as carrying videocameras. Gross.)

I stopped to take this picture to demonstrate the cycle of bird orifice life... upper left- bird poop. Center- an thrown egg.

As I passed the bird sanctuary mobile, I noticed that the owner has a bowling bowl in the front seat. I liked that.

Some random fast food trash (haven't you people heard of Eric Schlosser?!)In and of itself not very remarkable. BUT, upon further examination it's garbage from Wendys. This picture was taken somewhere Clark & Roscoe. There is not a Wendys for at least 5 miles. That's a long way to bring your garbage.
Whatcha gonna do / Whatcha gonna do / When They ATV for you.

I've been told from a reliable source that going to Jade Dragon for what the kids call "ink" is like going to Sbarros for italian food.

What better after a Cubs game than pizza and...

... a quickie in the liquor store parking lot?

The awful pizza wasted on the sidewalk doesn't bother me. The waste of a brownie is wrong!

*gulp* Something awful has happened...

You might think. It's actually a trail of beet juice. Pretty scary looking though.

The Naked Bike Ride caused a giant traffic jam.

And someone (probably naked) had an accident.

Great night at the reggae club = Busted drumstick.

I apologize for not posting this early enough so that you could participate.

Abandoned drumsets and chairs.

Cheezit! It's the cops!

Whomso Pulleth Out the Dragon Sword of the Pile of The Onions, is Rightwise King of All Wrigleyville.

The only way the Cubs will win anything.

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Amy Guth said...

Well, I just did a spit-take of laughter or two with Sauvignon Blanc...