Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On a nice weekend the garbage really piles up. There are THREE styro-coolers in this garbage can.

Lost tank top.

Some ledge graffitti. What the Heck does D30 mean?

Human bloodstain. The new book by Phillip Roth.

Lame Star Wars Joke Here.

Abandoned mandals.


A few pieces of garbage get between the heavy metal container and the light plastic can. No one wants to either lift the heavy metal thing or reach into it to pick out the filthy garbage. So eventually the can gets higher and higher. A rising trash lifts all boats.

Either a love note or a command.

This "Monster" truck was handing out free Monster energy drinks. Mmmmm... delicious taurine.

Now what does this graffitti mean? Maybe it's a warning that up ahead...

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