Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hey, the Police were at Wrigley Field! Or as the Sun-Times put it: "the Police and Sting."

There was lots of air coverage.

No, not the dog. Check out the tripling of parking fees! $30! Cubs games= $20! Usual weekends = only $10.

The CPD always vigilant 'gainst the forces of middle-aged "rockers."

Lots of limos for the Police concert. Now, THAT's rock n roll.

Wrigleyville & Sluggers. Always classy.

Apparently the patio, in the middle of Clark Street, is open.

Some jawas set up shop on Addison and Clark. I bought a protocol droid and some power converters.

the sign reads, "When it comes to all of my eggs they are safe and secure using" Not a harvesting storefront, but just a poorly phrased ad.

People like beer and lots of it.

Must have been a great party.
Uni-broue. Heh.

You can't read it sadly, but these are business cards for a human egg harvesting business.

Clark Street mobile home.

And, wrapping things up...
Who was the best character on Growing Pains, where did Hawkeye & Klinger work, and on her? I barely know her!

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