Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Man, I wish I was at this party.

Heh heh. Meat skewers.
I am 12.

One of those giant hipster bikes.

I stood on this corner for 20 minutes trying to get a damn picture of those damn jets.

This pavement is defective. A precursor to the Shel Silverstein poem.

Giant, lost heel.

The t-shirt on a stick vendors.

From Clark Street's "alternative" cousin, Broadway:

"Buffalo Bill's" arts & crafts project.
("Was she a great big fat girl?")

Can you see the spiderwebs on this bike?

This church welcomes diversity and opens its arms to orcs and hobbits.

The Clark n Roscoe sinkhole grows and claims its first victim.

This sale will soon celebrate it's one year ending anniversary.

Salsa splattered Sun-Times Street Sale Box... (alliteration is hard... couldn't find a "s" for the box word.)

Parking lot party leftovers.

Official parking permit.

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