Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wanted: Pics of Bradgelina

According to the website reports, many of you have stumbled upon this site by Googling "wanted", "Angelina Jolie", and/or "Chicago." My apologies. Here are some of what will probably be the last pics of the shoot on Clark Street.

Shooting was back on!

Cranes for big lights await their cue.

Lights in the night sky. These lights were about 100 feet in the air.

Directly below the lights a Chicago cop guards the dangling electrical cables from gawkers. To serve and protect.

The light crane from a distance. Clark Street from School to Sheffield was blocked off to auto traffic. Pedestrians were not allowed to cross Roscoe. This is all about Midnight to 2am, Tuesday morning.

Fake traffic jam. Those are PA driven cars.

The next day.
This Park-Your-Cones business seems to be thriving.

Wind instrument concert.

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