Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Getting ready for Opening Day.

Only the best for Clark Street.. our finest Whiskeys!

A beautiful, wet, cold Opening Day. Pre-game ambulance.

Line of four limos. Again, as Seinfeld said, it's either some jerk with money or twelve kids with 50 bucks each.

Giant beer.

The rare removal of parking meters.

The extremely rare homemade right wing sticker. Apparently these colors do run.

This strip of grossness has been bothering me for years. Next to the brunchery, Orange, it's unkempt growth filled with dog crap from the patrons of the nearby Animal Hospital. There's this four-inch jagged piece of fence post sticking out of the dirt. I'm scared to death that someone will trip/slip and land on it and get killed. Here's a closer look...

Look at it! It's awful! Plus there's poo all over!!

Post game riot truck and ambulance. Hooray for booze! Welcome back Cubs!


Jady said...

you are SO not a dog person. *sigh*

padraic said...

God, I love this blog.

I've always thought the same thing when I see that post sticking up. I actually get nervous just walking by it.

Also, I'm glad Michael Collins' legacy of freedom-fighting and inspiring leadership are forever immortalized in a $5 pint of whiskey.

Kent on Clark said...

But how do YOU know it's only $5?

Also, no.
I do not generally like dogs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update !

~ said...

but MY dog is so cute!

Amy Guth said...

Oh, Cubs, Cubs, Cubs. Here we go again.