Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ah. The mis-used quotation marks. I love em. I have no desire to "eat" this "sushi".

End of an era. On Belmont, Dennis' Place For Games is no more. Sigh.

Johnny Depp is in town shooting a new movie here in Chicago. It's called "Public Enemies." They're doing a bunch of shooting on Clark Street and Newport. Of course, perfect timing with the start of Cubs season. So, Cubs traffic from 11am to 6pm and then trucks and gawking from 10pm to 7am. And Newport is closed off completely. Above, check out an old-timey ad.

This pic, which I thought was for Cubs Opening, is a blocking off for the movie shoot.

10:30pm, Wednesday. Spectators show up to watch the shooting. Traffic snarls.

During the day, a fake brick street is laid down on the asphalt. Check out that lighting balloon. It floats and illuminates.

Trucks on Clark unload lighting equipment.

In the movie, there's a giant ladder fight like Jackie Chan. These are the stunt ladders.

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