Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So, what will these kids do? The musical Goonies? Nightmare Before Christmas on-stage? ARgh. I can't imagine having to watch those shows.

If I'm ever in "Worst Possible Pain" my face is going to look a lot F%^&#ing worse than a few tears.

New sexy porn store opening up on Clark Street. Obviously, lots of DVDs, and I predict some fancy dildos. Fancy dildoes!!!

Weird metal sheet or door on Clark Street. If you look hard you can see that someone has written the word "China" on it. If this was a kids book, you'd be able to open the door and step through into China and we'd learn all about its culture and foods and peoples.

Man, I wish I had a record player.

At a special preview for Iron Man on Monday night. You can be the sadly easily replaced romantic counterpart to Dr. McDreamy.

The Iron Man nerds wait patiently in line.

Suddenly, about 200 people came rushing up the stairs. Some of them were dressed as the Joker.

They had all solved some riddles on-line and figured out there would be a special showing of the new trailer for The Dark Knight at that theater.
But, according to the person running the Iron Man preview, "They weren't cool enough to see a full feature."

Someone REALLY enjoys Cubs games.

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