Sunday, June 1, 2008


argh. This message is so confusing... is it someone's nickname? Is it a command? And what's with that heart?

Oh, post-Cubs-game vomit. I thought I could resist your siren call to take a picture and post, but alas, I am not that strong. But, check out the red (and only red) M&Ms mixed into the puke. Delicious!

A flier for a pot parephenlia website isn't anything too new ("Check it out! Available here! No more headaches splitting blunts"), but the fact that an eight-year-old was handing them out is.

At a midnight showing of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" there were many people in costume. Just in the theater I was in there were several Indys, a Marion, an Irina Spalko, and a Mutt Williams.
I plan on dressing as Indiana Jones for the Dark Knight premiere.

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Anonymous said...

I'm dressing as a zombie Heath Ledger.


why so serious?