Monday, July 21, 2008

Alas, poor Yeti. Soon to be another urban legend...

Right on Clark & Belmont, the nearby merchants set up a little flea market. So come shop outside in the sun!

This pick-up truck loves the Nazarene. One of the bumper stickers reads "Jesus Saves and Fish Don't Walk." But, uh, some do. Seriously, there are fish that walk. Watch some Discovery Channel. You can love God and not be a dummy.

Those crazy dancing balloons entice people into the flea market, I mean, the Open Air Market. 

Pick-Me-Up keeps it old school. A coffee shop without WiFi? Disgraceful! I don't think they're sorry at all.

Apparently so many people complained that a sticker was made.

Other cars can't catch up this truck! They just don't cut the mustard!

Official Parking Permit.


Anonymous said...

Thank You for the update !

Anonymous said...

you need wordpress. Good photos. Is that the Dunkin Donuts on Belmont and Clark, fuck that parking lot--tickets the fuck out of everyone.