Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Somewhere, a bike cries out in the night...

I just checked. You can register this domain and make a ton of money.

Chicago has gone Dark Knight crazy!!

I bought 847 megahertz and got a nice card!

Doc Brown finally caves in, sells the Flux Capacitor, and gets a stretch humvee Delorean.

Comedy summed up in three easy words.

What better way to celebrate the deceased than clambering all over their statue?

There is only one lane. and it's closed.

Whee! Chicago! The land where the streets are paved with candy!

The Newberry Library, right on Clark Street, had its annual Book Fair and about a jillion people showed up. Big mistake- they put Mystery, Sci-Fi, and Romance paperbacks all in the same room. A shirtless man phasered a bodiced Lady in a locked room.

You don't have to be nuts to work here...

I'm a sucker for reference books. I would love to have purchased ALL of these.

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