Saturday, August 9, 2008

Torrential rains swamped Chicago on Monday.

The motorcycles on Clark and Roscoe are finally gone! But "Brodys" is still empty.

This ATM was malfunctioning and speaking (actually speaking) gibberish. It was scary. 

A "tennant" of a building on Clark wants his landlady to put up a new American flag. He was in the army in the 60s.

Cheapo Dad saved on three separate cards with this one!

A clue! It's got to be!!

A little girl reads on the steps of a church during mass.

A portentous team-up at a corporate training event.

The gentleman in the blue collared shirt is known on Clark as the Jesus-Shouter. He likes to shout his gospel at random places. At this Caribou he was having a loud conversation with, uh, no one. Wait, maybe Jesus!

A new book about Cubs Fans. All the pages are laminated so you can relieve the true Cubs fan experience and puke on it.

Another strange promotional cross-over at the Best Buy on Clark Street. The Hulk (Ed Norton version) will fight cyberviruses for you.

Masturbate just like the fictional characters on your glowing storybox!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update

Anonymous said...

If you are reading this, you cannot say you haven't been warned. Mike Miller is running one of the most customer-unfriendly stores I've ever shopped in. I went through 2 hours of annoyance returning a laptop, only to remember I left my home video HD backup disk in the machine. They stole my disk (and lied about it), as well as ripped me off for $120 by denying the defect in my last machine. The Chicago Clark Street Best Buy store is a flimflam, a double-dealing hustle. The manager, Mike Miller, is an uber-lousy businessman who shouldn't be anywhere near customer service. Avoid this Best Buy at all costs. Do yourself a huge favor and go to Microcenter, and ask for Rodney (weekends) or talk to the sales supervisor, Mr. Hernandez - their prices crush Best Buy. Rodney was superhelpful, and his supervisor greeted me personally (and the laptop I ended up with is way better/cheaper than BB's). And if you've had a bad experience at the Clark Street Best Buy, join me in writing Brad Anderson at 7601 Penn Avenue South, Richfield, MN 55423. Tell him all the details. I really liked them before they swindled me today. Oh, and since Best Buy stole my disk, we will never see the HD movies I've shot over the past week. I hope you're enjoying my HD files Geek Squad Ganks.