Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blackhawks Win! (part 1)

After the Blackhawks victory, all the sports bars in Wrigleyville emptied out onto Clark St. Because, in a strange twist of geography, Clark borders the United Center and Philadelphia.

With all the helicopters this must be what LA feels like...

A crowd gathers to watch (and cellphone record) a shirtless girl make-out with some guy. That bra was barely on, by the way.

The couple finally starts to leave, but the crowd boos. So, naturally, the girl (by herself) returns and...

... begins an impromptu lap-dance. The crowd cheers and begins to not only grow in number, but to get even closer to her. Random guys begin to dance with her.

Now, call me paranoid, but I head over to tell a police officer about it. With dozens and dozens of drunk people surrounding a half-naked dancing girl I had a bad feeling that it would not end well. This bicycle officer didn't even look me in the eye and just grunted at me. "Yeah."

The crowd grows in number and rowdiness. I head back over to the the police cordon and tell another officer. He says, "Thank you, sir," and tells a female officer who loudly says, "HA!" No one moves.

Two minutes later, ranking officers (just two awesome guys) plunge into the crowd, grab the girl and bring her over to the Police Carrier. The crowd boos, curses them and eventually goes back to general insanity.

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Deanna Moffitt said...

Jason, you did an awesome job of capturing the insanity!! I too, kind of stumbled into the melee after coming from the Playground. MY GOD!! I could not believe what I was seeing.