Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blackhawks Win! (part 2)

The Chicago Police Department begins to clear the streets with a line of mounted officers. Other officers command other people to move to the sidewalk. Around 1am, all the bars are told to close their windows and begin Last Call. The crowd is now being funneled toward Addison.

The first couple of passes didn't do much. The crowd simply retook the streets after the horses passed.

Around 2am, the crowds are pretty much dispersed or on Addison. Now the dirty work begins. Bouncers and store owners sweep garbage into the street for the street cleaners to pick up.

The bicycle officer who ignored me before doing a bang-up job of standing there.

Some random snippets of conversation:

"Dude, I wanna bail you out but I'm fucking poor right now. I know, I know you dinnit do nothing, bro..." - Guy on cellphone.

"I love you. I gave up my family for you, but we CANNOT go back to Sluggers!" - girl to tearful other girl.

It's Clark Street in Chicago. Every single weekend we get ...

The Thrill of Victory

the Agony of (personal) Defeat


The Bridge said...

I love hating Clark Street too! The overheard comments are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

The comments were pretty funny! If you don't like the bars then why are you out at 2am taking all the pictures. I am not sure what's worse neighborhood bars or a best buy and a CVS.

Jason R. Chin said...

I was trying to walk home but was prevented from traveling in the direction I needed to go to because of the crowds and crowd-control. Thanks?

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the update