Monday, August 16, 2010

the Irish Sell Out

If that was true you would have been arrested for defacing a streetlamp.

"Extreme Groping Grapping at Spring Break" Finally, truth in advertising.

Sadly, the Irish Oak has given in and lost the "pub feel." Giant TVs festoon the walls and now there are the Clark Street requisite servers with too much makeup and too little clothing.

If you look closely this trash (dumped out of a car apparently) is a masterpiece of racial stereotyping.


blackdog said...

sadly the irish oak was sold a little over a year ago to one of those fratboy-buddy consortiums that own a number of lakeview bars. there is nothing legitamatly irish about this bar any longer. i was a regular there for 10 years. Im sad.

Jessica L said...

The whole Irish oak thing is yet another reason I can't wait to leave Wrigleyville behind and never come back.