Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June 19. Gotham Nights

The rain fell and made Clark St. look like a movie set.

A man is arrested for harrassment in front of Wrigley during the game. The Bigger Cop actually shouted, "No! You're a punk and you're going to jail!"

The bazaar usually opens about three hours before game time. I love mini-bats.

This is an actually movie being shot in Chicago right now. I can't say more, but if you type "Rory's First Kiss" into Google...

Hee Hee. I liked that card. (I hear there's a movie about Pirates coming out this summer. Haven't heard much about it.)

Meet me at the corner of Schnitzel and Cornelia.

A sports jersey tied to the door handle. But why?

Fun partymix abandoned on the curb.

I love this abandoned pet carrier. I imagine The Fugitive remade with all cats. Dr. Richard Katbel is being pursued by a three-Legged Dog. He's the Fur-gitive.

Clark Street. Somewhere under the Rainbow.


Amy Guth said...

Remember when the scary Uber Nazi Steinen German Sluttenfrau place used to be Heaven on Seven? Oh, back at the turn of this century, I earned my keep there schlepping gumbo. Not a bad gig, until after Cubbies games. Buh!

Kent on Clark said...

Heh. "Sluttenfrau."