Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Summer / It turns me upside down / Summer Summer Summer

Ah, summertime on Clark Street. Old fashioned deliciousness courtesy of the Good Humor man.

Mystery Pants! (in the comics, this means that a superhero is running around somewhere. On Clark Street, I think it means something else.)

A sandal perches atop the Goose Island awning.

"Why are they advertising Hockey on BET?" - so apparently bad stand-ups have taken to graffiti stickering (extra points: using free post office stickers. You cheap hack.)

A nigh full cup of Einstein Bros. orange juice sits on top of a Hoy box. This picture was taken around midnight. Einstein Bros. has been closed for almost seven hours.

A traffic cone on top of a parking meter.

Who makes money on Clark Street besides the booze merchants? Advance Glass & Board Up, of course.

And, uh, AIDS medications.

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