Monday, April 14, 2008

Cesar lives on Newport and sent in these great pics of the "Public Enemies" shoot!

Thanks, C.!!

This truck is cool.

I always wondered how this store managed to stay in business. And now I feel bad. 53 years!

A delicious tribute to the Cubs newest member. Oh, and the roll is delicious.

This man does all his shopping with his pet cat. Cat on a leash. And what if someone's allergic?

Low impact Vigilante.

VHS tapes!! For Free! Free! It's the future!!

I hate when people write notes from a pet's POV . Like thank you notes or something. This was on the sidewalk and can be forgiven because it's from a vet place.

You should enter! I would totally win if it was quantity and not speed.

A not so fucking delicious tribute to the Cubs' newest member. Idiots.

Make your heart feel like there's a caged monkey in it!! Now in all the flavors of Haagen Dazs!

Radio Free You're A Peeing.

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Jessica said...

zOmg True Lies! Did you grab it?!